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the iconicals.

Carlo has been working as a product developer in the  development team of Arco for 27 years. When Arco decided to remove the Icon Desk from their collection and stopped producing it, the idea arose to bring this product back to market and start a new company that focuses on the production of the icondesk and related products after his retirement.
Carlo stood at the cradle of the development process of the Icon Desk and thus knows all ins and outs. Arco did promise their full cooperation and together with his long time friend, Jan Willem Kessener, who worked for many years as an industrial designer, he has given shape to this idea. .
Apart from being self employed as an industrial and interior designer Jan Willem was active in Health care where he introduced the concept of Healing Environment in several Dutch hospitals.
The whole idea resulted in the establishment of the company I-CONICALS in January 2018.

Carlo: ‘With all the knowledge gained in recent years, we believe that we can give this unique product a new valuable place in the design world.
We are convinced that the timelessness of the design fits perfectly into a future where sustainability is an increasingly important item.
Together with the designer Michiel van der Kley, some new developments will appear in the ICONICALS concept in the coming period.
Arco ( https://www.arco.nl/ ) fully supports this development and all means of production required for the production of the icon desks are transferred to I-Conicals. So the product can again be produced in an optimal way with respect to the earlier high quality.We are very grateful for that.
We have further increased the quality of the Icon Desk with solid wooden drawers and each fabricated desk will be numbered and provided with the original signature of the designer