A timeless design handcrafted from high quality materials. The strong shape and sober lines fit perfectly well in this time and age. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship are a guarantee that the desk will endure the signs of the times without showing it. Quality as it should be. Oiled solid wood together with thermoformed Corian are the body that is supported by 4 brushed stainless steel legs.

The solid wood drawers are fitted with self- and soft closing drawer guides. The Corian is polished all round and can be repaired invisibly should any damage occur in the future. The oiled solid wood may be maintained with oil if need be, so that the material will remain as new. A small container with oil is supplied with the desk. And each desk is fitted with an engraved and unique number and year of production combined with a signature of the designer on the bottom of the desk.

Material options.

European oak is one of the most popular types of wood. It is strong and hard, but easy to process and finish. Under water it must be processed and protected, however, if it is used for, for instance, piling or yacht building European oak is often processed into veneers for the gluing of furniture. The appearance of, for instance, French oak makes this type of wood suitable for a wide range of applications in and around houses. Think of the construction of furniture (oak furniture wood), doors, window frames and staircases.


Oak contains tannin, the same substance that makes red wine & black tea “dry”. This substance reacts with ammonia vapors which are distributed in the drying chamber during the drying process. As a result, the wood colors “through and through” in a deep brown tone. The concentration of tannin determines the discoloration. This concentration is influenced by the soil composition and the living climate of the tree and can therefore differ greatly per trunk and even in different parts of the same trunk. Even though color is selected during the production process, it cannot be guaranteed that everything is the same color. So color differences can always occur in smoked oak.


It is dark brown, there are less differences in colour than in European walnut. American walnut can be easily processed and is therefore widely used in the furniture industry. Here it is mostly processed into exclusive furniture but also into table tops or worktops. Small knots are permitted, solid walnut is a beautiful dark brown type of wood with a luxurious appearance.

It comes from the East of the United States. Sometimes it even has a purplish glow. American walnut is firm and does not splinter. Therefore it is easy to process. Squared American walnut.


Corian® is a solid surface material, composed of natural minerals and high-quality acrylic. Corian® becomes bendable when the material is heated to 170 ° C, allowing for unique shapes to be created. Due to its non-porous quality, Corian® is durable and very practical: easy to clean and stain resistant.

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stainless steel

Stainless steel is a maintenance-friendly material. It is resistant to rust. Becomes only used a finish for optical reasons. The stainless steel gives the product a warm appearance. We offer our stainless steel bases brushed.

NEW- black oak
stained black oak

Stained oak black oiled